SideKick Vaporizer

After the Da Buddha and Silver Surfer took the world by storm with their customizable good looks and unique features, the Sidekick entered the scene. Whereas 7th Floor was known for their tabletop beauties, they could now claim center stage with a portable mod that comes in glorious colors and features interesting visual effects.

The SideKick Vaporizer by 7th Floor


You can’t always be expected to vape at home around a table, a cord snaking its way to the wall. Plug-in machines are efficient, effective, reliable, and huge. Portable mods suit the independent spirit that says “I want to take vaping on the road.” You can do that with the SideKick.

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The design is meant to make this comfortable to hold. The front and back are flat, but sides are rounded. It’s like a handheld radio with softened sides and no bigger than that other bit of electronics either.

Features of the SideKick

Why do they call this a SideKick? Tonto went everywhere with the Lone Ranger. Robin was Batman’s constant partner. The SideKick can be seen in the pocket of a vaper anywhere, any time. It’s made to travel with its small dimensions and removable stem.

Bowl is accessible for stirring when you vape so that herbs are mixed up, heated thoroughly, and flavor at its best. A place known as the Vortex cooling chamber keeps your vapor tasting fresh and cool instead of hot and harsh.

Enjoy vapor at your level, set digitally for precision and reliability. Dials are fine, but they’re not as accurate for setting temperature as buttons are. When you set a temperature, the heater made from ceramics will ensure herbs stay hot and don’t taste like anything else. Ceramics are neutral and safe.

The front features practical elements: vents for hot air which resemble a speaker, a screen, and three buttons. Select a stealthy silver or black item. Instead, pick out a bright shade of gold, red, blue, purple, or green.

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Blown Glass

A unique feature of 7th Floor products is their blown glass elements. In this case, the straw is made from glass and a ball at the top forms a rounded, one-of-a-kind mouthpiece. No two SideKicks are alike for this reason.

Changing Batteries

I love having the option to change batteries. Taking out dead ones and replacing them with fresh cells saves time and ensures I never have to plug in the machine to recharge. Wired recharging hampers my vaping experience because I have no choice: stay and vape at the computer or wait for the charge to finish.

With the SideKick

The SideKick comes with sidekicks of its own. Your kit contains a unique mouthpiece and straw made of glass, cleaning brushes, a bowl, cleaning pads, and a storage tin to keep everything clean and safe. Glass will break when left to get knocked around or lost. Consumers also receive two sets of batteries for the system plus a wall charger for those batteries.

Finally, 7th Floor provides a screwdriver, oil can, and lubricant for the mouthpiece. The final cost before adding extra accessories is around $300. This is steep for a handheld vaporizer, but it’s digital and glass parts tend to cost more. The addition of batteries and a charger contribute to the overall value of this set too.

Atmos Transporter Vaporizer

Atmos makes a fairly few vaporizers. They serve the entire vaping community: consumers who prefer wax, oil, or herbs, and even e liquids. The emphasis is on portable machines, however, one of them being them Atmos Transporter.


Atmos Caveat

The general rule when approaching Atmos as a customer is to take each item individually; not to base any impressions on a previous experience with their products. Some are great; others aren’t so great. The Atmos Transporter has received middling reviews; not great, not terrible. It costs $110 or so which is a high price for a so-so device, so think carefully: what do you want from a vaporizer?

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Some Pros and Cons

The Atmos Transporter contains a ceramic chamber, considered one of the best materials a chamber can be made from. It is a high-quality, neutral material. In other words, if herbs are in here for a while they will not start to taste like something else. The heating element is not exposed but embedded instead, which is good for heating herbs: they are not as likely to burn which is a risk with herbal vaporizers. Atmos promises efficient, even heating.

Shape of Herbal Vaporizing

You will probably recognize the Transporter: it looks like a flask, and could be mistaken or passed-off as one without trouble. A tube-shaped mouthpiece could easily be the mouthpiece to a whiskey flask; they are not too dissimilar. That flask-like shape is also rounded ergonomically so as to feel good in one’s hands.

Filling is Simple

It’s not hard to get ready; just open up the chamber and fill with dry herbs. Swivel the bottom part to one side and you will expose an opening into which your herbs can go. Pack lightly and grind fully. Pick a heating level from the pre-set levels available. Controls are unobtrusive and do not take away from that flask-like look.

The Atmos Transporter Kit

If this is what you want, the set comes with several items so you will not merely enjoy the Transporter for a week; maintain your kit and promote excellent operation for weeks to come. Atmos provides a rubber mouthpiece and a cap plus a tool for packing herbs so they are right in there; you don’t want to push them in with your pinky and get stuck.

There is also a cleaning brush for getting herbs out from the deepest part of the chamber and scouring the sides gently. You want to use this brush because it was selected for its effectiveness and safety for ceramics. The kit also comes with a charger and a manual.

The Transporter is available from a lot of websites and also many physical shops so there’s no problem getting hold of one. Watch out for discount codes and deals that might bring the price down a few dollars.

Iolite Vaporizer 2.0

The Iolite is not your usual vaporizer and Oglesby & Butler isn’t your typical manufacturer. This firm from Ireland makes butane-powered units. Just about everyone else — Storz & Bickel, Vaporite, Arizer, and & Davinci, for instance — makes battery or mains-powered machines.

Oglesby & Butler believes there is something special about butane vaporizers and they want to prove it to you with their Iolite Vaporizer 2.0. As you can see from above, they also enrich the international dimension of this industry represented by firms in America, Canada, and Germany as well.

Advantages of the Iolite Version 2.0


This is a portable machine, so right away vapers experience the same advantages as they would when they operate battery-powered machines. These are wireless, mobile, light, and small. You can start also vaping in under 1 minute with the Iolite 2.0 once you activate the heating system.

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There is no flame but, instead, a catalytic heater and a thermostat which registers the moment this little vaporizer is hot enough to vaporize herbs. There is also room for 500 mg of gas. That’s half an hour’s worth of vaping. The small tank allows Oglesby & Butler to maintain their light, discrete size.

No Smell

Leftover gas expelled by other types of machines using butane leaves an aroma that puts people off of gas-power. They don’t want to inhale vapor and gas fumes and rightly so. Oglesby & Butler designed a system which burns off any leftovers; anything which is not used in the heating process.

While it sounds complicated to design such a thing, the Iolite 2.0 is easy to operate. Press a button and you are ready to go. Don’t worry about exploding tanks as Oglesby & Butler has worked out the safety factors.

Besides, batteries are not exactly chemically benign either; we are just more accustomed to carrying battery-operated electronics around with us. Smokers who turned to vaporizers will tell you: their butane lighters didn’t spontaneously explode in their pockets and neither will the Iolite 2.0 herbal vaporizer.

Stylish and Sporty

What I really like about this Oglesby & Butler product is its modern and youthful appearance. I’d even say it’s energetic-looking. Colors are vivid and fun too: purple, pink, turquoise, white, lime green, orange, blue, black, and a limited-edition version in tie-dye. Whatever color you choose is contrasted by black scored through with parallel grooves, perhaps vents, maybe just a gripping mechanism. The mouthpiece sticks up straight when needed.

With Every Kit

Oglesby & Butler supplies their customers with a full package of accessories so as to enhance their vaping experience and to help them maintain the product for several months or years of satisfying vaping sessions. The Iolite 2.0 will arrive with a carry case and moisture condenser, cleaning tools, two new screens for the heater and chamber, respectively, an extendable mouthpiece, and instructions.

There are no wires; no USB port: they aren’t important here. The carry case is a lovely little extra added for keeping your machine tidy. A clean machine operates better than a dirty one and consider how much better herbs will taste too. Only fill the chamber with dry herbs, never concentrates or liquids. The newest Iolite is priced about $130 for the whole kit.