Iolite Vaporizer 2.0

The Iolite is not your usual vaporizer and Oglesby & Butler isn’t your typical manufacturer. This firm from Ireland makes butane-powered units. Just about everyone else — Storz & Bickel, Vaporite, Arizer, and & Davinci, for instance — makes battery or mains-powered machines.

Oglesby & Butler believes there is something special about butane vaporizers and they want to prove it to you with their Iolite Vaporizer 2.0. As you can see from above, they also enrich the international dimension of this industry represented by firms in America, Canada, and Germany as well.

Advantages of the Iolite Version 2.0


This is a portable machine, so right away vapers experience the same advantages as they would when they operate battery-powered machines. These are wireless, mobile, light, and small. You can start also vaping in under 1 minute with the Iolite 2.0 once you activate the heating system.

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There is no flame but, instead, a catalytic heater and a thermostat which registers the moment this little vaporizer is hot enough to vaporize herbs. There is also room for 500 mg of gas. That’s half an hour’s worth of vaping. The small tank allows Oglesby & Butler to maintain their light, discrete size.

No Smell

Leftover gas expelled by other types of machines using butane leaves an aroma that puts people off of gas-power. They don’t want to inhale vapor and gas fumes and rightly so. Oglesby & Butler designed a system which burns off any leftovers; anything which is not used in the heating process.

While it sounds complicated to design such a thing, the Iolite 2.0 is easy to operate. Press a button and you are ready to go. Don’t worry about exploding tanks as Oglesby & Butler has worked out the safety factors.

Besides, batteries are not exactly chemically benign either; we are just more accustomed to carrying battery-operated electronics around with us. Smokers who turned to vaporizers will tell you: their butane lighters didn’t spontaneously explode in their pockets and neither will the Iolite 2.0 herbal vaporizer.

Stylish and Sporty

What I really like about this Oglesby & Butler product is its modern and youthful appearance. I’d even say it’s energetic-looking. Colors are vivid and fun too: purple, pink, turquoise, white, lime green, orange, blue, black, and a limited-edition version in tie-dye. Whatever color you choose is contrasted by black scored through with parallel grooves, perhaps vents, maybe just a gripping mechanism. The mouthpiece sticks up straight when needed.

With Every Kit

Oglesby & Butler supplies their customers with a full package of accessories so as to enhance their vaping experience and to help them maintain the product for several months or years of satisfying vaping sessions. The Iolite 2.0 will arrive with a carry case and moisture condenser, cleaning tools, two new screens for the heater and chamber, respectively, an extendable mouthpiece, and instructions.

There are no wires; no USB port: they aren’t important here. The carry case is a lovely little extra added for keeping your machine tidy. A clean machine operates better than a dirty one and consider how much better herbs will taste too. Only fill the chamber with dry herbs, never concentrates or liquids. The newest Iolite is priced about $130 for the whole kit.